Medical Marijuana Education and Instruction

Make Sensi Concierge services begin with a consultation between patient and concierge. A comprehensive consultation with the patient touches on topics including the following:

Following your consultation, your Concierge will accompany you to a local state-licensed dispensary. While at the dispensary, he will show and explain all the different products, help you understand and read labels, descriptions, dosages, and answer any other questions you may have. Finishing up, a written personal plan will help guide your decision making in the future.



Born and raised in Arizona, Chef Timothy Burns, an AZ Culinary School graduate, has watched the medical marijuana industry grow more rapidly than the availability of quality education. As a seven-year medical marijuana patient, he has experienced many pre-packaged products that are available through state-licensed dispensaries.

Through eight years culinary experience, Tim has proficiency in incorporating medical marijuana into products without diminishing the quality of the medicine. That talent won him an industry award. For the past five years, Tim has been applying his culinary knowledge to the cannabis industry by working with various State-Licensed dispensary cultivations, extracting cannabis and infusing scratch-made medical marijuana products. He has also been managing a Medical Marijuana evaluation center, delivering quality medical marijuana education to new patients.